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KVR Holdings is a dynamic and diverse group of companies, specialising in Training, Consulting, Human Capital Solutions, and Property.

With a comprehensive portfolio, KVR Holdings offers tailored training programs through, strategic consulting services via, efficient HR solutions at, and innovative skill development programs on Our commitment to excellence and versatility makes us a trusted partner in achieving your business objectives.

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At KVR Training we offer a huge variety of credit and non-credit bearing courses, short courses, skills programmes, compliance programmes, learnerships and short courses.

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KVR Consulting offers services in human capital and business consulting. We focus on providing an outstanding value proposition to our clients via exceptional quality strategic development solutions and an ethos of building enduring relationships.

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HR Simplified was born out a need to approach the HR function from a unique perspective. It is our belief that the HR function should be simple| efficient | cost effective.

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Skill UP aims to create one accessible, affordable and scalable platform for any business of any size to train up and skill their staff in XR.

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Specialising in bespoke commercial and industrial property leasing and management, we excel at curating spaces that cater for the needs of our tenants and the broader KVR Group. Although most of the management and leasing is geared towards the needs within the group, we are constantly seeking value for money assets to add to our portfolio.


Sharing & utilising our vast industry and training related knowledge.


KVR Training has a customised approach, competitive pricing, with personalised & dedicated support.


Building respectful, sustainable & transparent business relationships.


We are an innovative training & development provider focused on learner growth & success of our clients and learners.


Focussed on learner growth through our customised and client centric solutions.


We have a proven track record in sharing & utilising our vast industry & training related knowledge.


40, Fourteenth Avenue,
Northmead, Benoni, 1501


011 849 3526

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